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How to Do a Plank Yoga Pose

Learn the plank pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So in order to train a plank pose, it's best to start on the back. So what you're gonna do is lie on the back and bring your hands onto your belly so your feet can just be in a comfortable position. And what you want to find is that with and inhale you expand, and with an exhale you take the front ribs, the inner front ribs particularly, down into the floor and as flat as you can to the floor. You can take that a couple of times. Inhale expand. And then exhale really pulling the navel down in towards the floor. So you want to remember that piece. So I'll call it out in plank like your navel is coming up towards the sky but you're thinking same thing, belly in towards the floor. So as you roll over and come onto like the top of a push up position. Stack your shoulders right over your wrists, spread your fingers nice and wide. The wider your foundation the easier it's going to be to balance, so you wanna find that. And then another important part is that you should look down at your finger beds and they should be white. I don't know if you can see that where you are but the finger beds should be white. That's how much you're pressing into the finger beds. So you're not just leaning into the wrists. And then belly engages like it was on the floor, like you're trying to take your rib cage into the floor but now it's up towards the sky. So you want to elongate your heart I almost even think of it as like a tiger or clawing the mat. That's how much you want to use your fingers in a plank post. Plank post.

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