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How to Do a Side Plank Yoga Pose (Vasisthasana)

Learn the side plank pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


Vasisthasana side plank pose. So I receive this information from a teacher named Jenya La Rosa. So if you're watching Jenya, this is from you. It totally changed and altered my side plank practice. I'd love to share it with you. So as you're coming here, fingertips point directly forward. Okay. And you can just sit in a, I call this, like sugar leader stance. But I want you to focus on the hands. So it really doesn't matter what your legs are doing. Reach your fingertips down. You know, bend the elbow. So you have this elbow crease. And you're going to bend the elbow out to the side.

What that's going to allow you to do is lean the weight over your index knuckle and finger. Right? So I look down at the index knuckle and finger, and make sure that the weight is directly pouring over there. From there, the shoulder can roll back towards the ear. And then the arm can straighten again. But that's a feeling that you should definitely get familiar with before coming up into the full posture.

So as you're here, you can keep the hand there. Set one foot, set the other foot in front. And then just push the weight into the front foot. And you come into a modified Vasisthasana. Right? And so you can hang out here. Again, shoulder right over that knuckle index finger. Really weighted. And the fingertips reach up. And this is a modified version. To go to the full version, keep the hips nice and lifted. Lift the front foot and set it on top of the other foot.

Important part to note for this top leg is that pinky toe peels back towards the nose, and the fingertips reach up towards the sky. So here is your Vasisthasana . I'll give you another version. If you want to work core strength while you're in your Vasisthasana, just take a hold of anything. I have a block here with me. So I'm going to do that. Set my Vasisthasana , lift and look at the block. Exhale, take the block and curl it underneath me. And then right back towards the sky. And that's one rep. Exhale two, inhale. Exhale three, inhale. Good.

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