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How to Do a Crow Yoga Pose (Bakasana)

Learn the crow pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


This is our first arm balance, and it's call Bacasana, or often times called Crow Post. And how you're going to get into it. So have a block, or pillow, or a blanket or something the first time that you do it. It will give your mind a little ease, because it's going to be mostly a posture for your mind. Because your arms will be sort of trapped underneath you. And you'll have to lean forward to find balance in this pose. And sometimes that is the biggest hurdle to get over for this pose. It was for me. So just have something here to ease the mind.

And then you're going to come into like a Malasana, or a squat. Okay? Or I call it kid playing in a sandbox. Right? You're going to get your knees and your hands down. What you want to be able to find is that the knees come really high under the triceps. Or maybe all the way into the armpit. That's ideal. So what you're going to want to do is lift up onto your toes. Set your hands shoulder distance apart. And just find that you can bend your elbows straight back. Not out to the side, but straight back. Like Chataranga, like we talked about before?

So you're going to bend there, and set your knees all the way up in. As you come forward, it is important to find a flat back in a horizontal plank. A lot of us get into crow pose and we think get your hips really high, and set yourself down into this pose, which would look like this. Which is a lot of pressure going down. Which is a lot of pressure. So you want to be able to find like you're swimming on a lake. Like you're going to go horizontal plank.

So you set your knees there. Looking forward. Peeling your heart forward. If you look down, you're going to want to roll. Right? You're going to want to do like a somersault roll, which would just be very inherent for your body. So instead, keep your gaze up. Keep your eyes up. And let the heart lead you forward. You will coast forward. And you have to lean past the part that feels safe. You've got to lean like an inch past your fear, and that's the point where your body will balance. And you'll see.

So as I'm here, and I begin to lean forward, then my toes just peel off with the floor. Once they do, I'm going to try to find big toes to touch, and squeeze in and think cat back. I'm peeling my heels in towards my seat. Heart forward. And holding here. Fingertips are squeezing on the ground. Heart stays forward. And then to return, all you do is lean back towards the heels with the palms. Reach the feet down, and you're back to Malasana. The way you began.

So that is your first arm balance Bacasana.

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