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How to Do a Corpse Yoga Pose (Savasana)

Learn the corpse pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So when all of the, or the postures that you've been doing in classes, are done, it's traditional to end your practice in what's called, old corpse pose. Dead Man's pose. So what you're going to do, the teacher will lead you onto your backs. And once you get there, your feet will flop open. And the backs of the hands will rest onto the floor. And press some weight into the head, so you can lift your heart up. And just work the shoulder blades down the back. Often times we get here, and they're hiked up into the ear. So just push a little weight into the head. Wrap and wrap the shoulder blades down to the back.

And then the work will start to begin when you close your eyes. And the mind will start to go. Right? On to do lists, something you have yet to do, or even postures that you didn't do. Or whatever. And that is where the work is. So just start to soften into your experience. Even picture yourself as like, a puddle on the floor expanding, expanding, expanding. The ground underneath you will support you. So layering, or releasing rather, just one layer at a time into the floor, will aid into this relaxing of the mind.

And then once you do, the breath is back to natural. So you're not working on breath, or Govati, or any of those types of breathing. It's just calm. It's just calm, and allowing all of the benefits of your practice to absorb into your body. So when you leave your mat, you have all of those. And to come out of (?), take the knees in towards the chest, and then roll onto your side. So I'll roll this way. Often times we'll roll to the right. We'll roll this time. And then use the hand that's on the bottom as a pillow. And take the hand that's here, and just rest it onto the floor.

Take a time to breathe all the way into like your back body. Into your low ribs. Into your sacrum. Just allow that place of the body to fill with breaths. Or breathe in. And breathe out. And then try to keep your legs really, really heavy. Take the hand that's on the floor. Use just your hands to press yourself up to the seat. And then you can end your practice in a seated position. There you go. That's.

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