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How to Do a Sphinx in Yoga

Learn the sphinx from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


We're going to do the Sphinx Pose with a thigh stretch preparing ultimately for the Standing Dancer's Pose. We'll come onto the bellies. You're going to walk your hands a little forward and then bring your shoulders right up and over the elbows and press your hands down to the ground. The arms making 11 not together. So you make 11 with the hands. The feet can just be a few distance apart behind you. As I'm sitting here I'm thinking about lifting the belly, making the space from the pubic bone to the navel longer and that's just going to bring you into your back bend and the shoulder blades are supporting behind.

From there I'll take my right hand, work it slightly over towards the side so that I can be supported fully and grab for the left toe. This grip, we'll go over it. Grab for the big toe side to start and then you might just stay here, working your shoulders back to square. A little more comfortable with the shoulder is working your fingertips forward so you can really get the shoulder square. Then the heel can come all the way in towards the seat and that's a healthy place to be. Shoulders forward, squeezing the ground backward, lifting your heart up and taking that thigh stretch.

Take it easy on the thigh and then just as much as you're pulling it forward give yourself a little resistance back. So I'm thinking about kicking into my hand and squaring off the shoulders. The elbow should be like a little grasshopper. And then you can release that sweetly and taking it to the other side. Grabbing for big toe side. Elbow up. Shoulders forward. Exhale. Inhale. And releasing back to your [six].

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