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How to Do a Half Pigeon Yoga Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

Learn the half pigeon pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


Alright. So we're going to come into Pigeon. And Sanscript Kapotasana. That's a fun one to say. So we're going to start in Downward Facing Dog. Open up the hips a little bit, and then take a transition into the pose. So first come into Downward Facing Dog. And reach your right foot high. And take your right foot right behind your left wrist. Right behind your left wrist. And then you're going to step the left foot right behind. So your legs come into like an x. You can bend your knees slightly on the hamstrings. Or you can take your hands onto blocks.

So here you're just going to inhale half way, and then exhale. Melt. And you're going to feel it all the way in the height IT band. Which is great for runners. So remember this if you are a runner. And then to turn this into a Pigeon pose, all I'm going to do is set the left foot back. And allow my knee to fall down to the side. Let the back knee drop as you're still supported on your fingertips. And then press into the toes. And then rock the knee back a little bit. Toes. Knee back. Toes. Knee back. So you can start to get into this posture.

So from here, the knee alignment is roughly to the wrist. It could be slightly outside, slightly inside, or roughly there. And if you're new to this pose, just tuck the heel in towards the groin a little bit. Okay? Keep the toes flexing. So if we point the toes and let the foot become like a fish, then the knee is vulnerable. And we don't want that to happen. So we flex the toes. Flex the pinky toe into the floor. Hips are back towards square. And then you can walk the fingertips forward any amount. Maybe down to your forearms. Maybe even all the way out onto the floor, with the forehead down.

A nice variation to work after you've, after you've breathed, you know, three to five breaths in this posture, is to add a twist. So the opposite arm that the leg is in front. You take thread the needle, thread the needle right through here. Bring the shoulder onto the floor. This fingertips will reach up, and behind, and maybe grab for the big toe. So you grab two peace fingers around the toe. Let the head relax. And then you have, you have a twist in your.

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