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How to Do a Downward Dog Leg Lift

Learn how to do the downward dog leg lift from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So we're going to come into downward facing dog and we're going to find a three legged downward facing dog, by lifting the right leg high. And then come in and out of some core strengthening exercises so you'll see that there are some points to hit along the way. So as we're here for downward facing dog and you'll reach your right leg high.

Super important to keep the hip square so you'll have that right hip dropping down, outer left hip lifting up. And then first things first you're going to find a high plank so your shoulders are directly over your wrist. Second your knee will come in towards your nose, keeping your hips nice and piked and your rib cage puffing up towards the sky and then travel all the way back to your three legged downward facing dog. So a little quicker coming forward.

Shoulders over wrists. Exhale. Knee in towards your nose keeping the hips nice and piked and then reaching and resetting back, to your downward facing dog. Two more. Inhale, exhale to curl, inhale to reach, exhale to curl. I'm thinking about pushing something away with my foot here to elongate and then exhale, closing everything in towards knee, shoulders right over wrist, knee towards your nose. Then inhaling reaching back, good. So work like three to five steps to start, maybe going all the way up to ten. But it's definitely a great practice for the core strength and integrating the whole body together as one.

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