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How to Do an Eagle Yoga Pose (Garudasana)

Learn the eagle pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


I come into Garudasana eagle pose, and the beginning of this is Utkatasana chair pose. So we can just layer on later. So first thing we're going to start is a chair pose. Bend the knees. Reach your arms up and overhead. Bring your hands down to your thighs, and internally rotate the thigh muscles, the flesh, back and through the legs. Which will allow you to have a softer groin. So you can actually use the tailbone forward to get the belly in the play. Heart can lift up. Then you can reach up and overhead. So that's the elements of a chair pose.

Next we're going to add eagle pose to that. So you reach your arms out to the side. Open up the chest. Exhale. Take your right arm underneath, wrap up the elbows, and then wrap up the wrist. If that's not happening, just hold onto your shoulders. If that's the second wrap not happening, hold onto your shoulders. Otherwise, when you bring your hands here, work your elbows down and your forearms away from your face.

You'll feel a strong internal rotation of the shoulder. It should feel good. So here you're going to find a little chair pose in the legs. Internally rotating the thighs. Curling the tailbone forward. Put all the weight into your left foot. Come onto the tippy toes of the right foot. Squeeze the knee in towards the chest. The higher you get the knee in towards the chest, the easier it's going to be to wrap. And then once you're here you can use your toes onto the floor, or even onto a block. That's there.

Or you can wrap a second time. So sit down, wrapping back, and then pretend that you have a thumb in this hip crease pulling this hip crease back. So you're there. Use the abdominals to pull this hip crease back. And then just sit down low. Another variation of this posture is to take a sleeping eagle. So you're going to bow over the legs, and come down. Maybe you'll touch the first knee, and maybe you can touch the second knee. To unwind this posture slowly with your gaze, walk yourself up. And then undo the arms. Undo the legs. Open up the hands. That's eagle.

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