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How to Do a Cobra Yoga Pose

Learn how to do the cobra from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So coming to cobra posture you are going to bring your belly down to the floor and your thumbs are either with or like with in your nipple line or lower and your finger tips are nice and spread. So bring your chin down towards the floor and notice how the heather arm bones want to drip down towards the floor you want to go against so you are lifting head up the arm bones up finger tips pressing down to the floor shoulder blades merge to gather and the feet is pressing top of the feet down into the floor and curling the hard floor but pulling the ground backwards. the ground is pulling backwards the shoulder blades are kissing together and specially the bottom tip of the shoulder blades. You can bring bottom tips together the top tips expand so hard as pressing down or your feet pressing down heart is forward are curling backwards once you are there see how much you using the hands using the you want to use back body to lift and expand the heart, so is the heart open up and bend your heart forward to release forehead kisses the ground you press into your hands and find your child's pose.

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