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How to Do a Press Handstand in Yoga

Learn the press handstand from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


Now for the press hand stand. So coming to, to like a short downward facing dog, downward facing dog, walk your toes in, walk your toes in so you’re on the tippy, tippy toes. Then you’re thinking magic carpet ride. So you’re taking your belly in and up over the shoulders. And that’s where this starts to come from. The legs will start to reach out to the sides, and you’ll see that they’ll just lift the hips from my core, so if I’m curling through the spine I'll reach the hips up and over, okay. So I'll just start with my hands here in a little short downward facing dog. Thinking shoulders over wrist walk your toes in as much as you can all the weight is in my palms then I’m going to engage the belly and engage my rib cage and work my legs are off to the side and then I can find my arms will be straight, and then back on to the floor. Another exercise to help you with that is this. You take your hands to the floor, lean all the way into our hands, and the feet together, and you walk up the mat feet together. You get to the end turn around and go back the other way, lean into the hands feet together, lean into the hands feet together. And you can do that back and forth for years and years because I did. There you go, press hand stand and a few exercises to train it. Be patience with yourself and enjoy the journey.

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