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How to Do a Bridge Pose aka Setu Bandhasana in Yoga

Learn the bridge pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


OK. So our pose we're working on now is a back bend called a setu bandhasana or you might hear it is bridge pose. So you are gonna start lying on your back with your feet hip width distance apart -- a good measure is if you can touch your middle finger to your heels, that lets you know that they're in far enough -- and then a little trick that I've learned is pretending that there is like a glass ball that's coming up from your midsection and you are pressing your hands into it especially that index knuckle you are pressing that into the imaginary place. From there relax your glutes. It's going to be tempting to just to tense them up but relax your glutes and allow the lifting up to come from your tailbone. So as the tailbone starts to lift up towards the sky I will keep the arms there. Tailbone up, tailbone up, tailbone up, and I take the shoulders back and down as the hips come up. From there you can reach your fingertips underneath, you interlace the palms and wrap one and wrap two pressing the pinky side into the floor and you stay here. Energy-wise your heels are pressing down and even back towards your hands to allow the hips to lift up and you just breathe inhale, exhale. To release, release the hands first, press your hands down and then you can slowly start to roll down on to the back. To rest knees can knock in together, one hand to belly one hand to heart. Here we go, that's the bridge pose.

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