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How to Do Yoga with Chelsey Korus

Learn about Chelsey Korus, one of Howcast's yoga experts, in this video.


Hey, I'm Chelsea Corris. I am a yoga teacher at Yoga Works on the Manhattan locations. I also do some acrobatics. I play capoeira, I dance ballet, I dance modern, dance rythms. And where you can find me there are YouTube videos right now of me doing acroyoga so you can Google Chelsea Corris you will find my website and those videos.

Why I love what I do? So I teach yoga mostly at Yoga Works privately but why I love teaching yoga, teaching in general I think that all teachers can agree, that in order to be a good teacher you have to speak from a place of authenticity and you got to be able to have a student's heart, to do that effectively. So I'm constantly challenged to return back to my math or to go back to my relationships or, you know, take up a book, or take a class so I can keep getting fired up, to want to teach and flesh out these lessons so I can teach from a place of authenticity.

So that's what I really love about teaching, it's that it's just me sharing what I love, my passions. Yoga to me could be anything. I can go take a biology class and it's yoga. I could go take interpretative dance class and it would be yoga. Like yoga is basically, the word means to join, to find union in things and more like body and spirit and so it can fall under many, many categories. And being a yoga teacher I get to dabble in all of those things which is funny. I never get bored. There's always a lesson, there's always something to learn and that's why I love teaching yoga.

My name is Chelsea Corris. If you want to find me, Google me.

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