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Why We French Kiss

Learn why we French kiss from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video about the psychology of sex and kissing.


If you're interested in why we French kiss, or the benefit, the first thing I can say is, maybe you haven't done enough of it. Because the reality is when you find the right partner, there's nothing like French kissing. Not only are you just getting lost in that experience, which turns on your entire body, but also it's an opportunity to through swapping spit, increase testosterone levels, sort of an added benefit. What I can tell you is that most couples, when they get familiar with one another, they tend to move more directly toward genital stimulation or penetrative sex. And I can not express enough the value of foreplay as well as kissing. Not only as an appetizer so to speak, but throughout the entire experience, because it really helps maintain that sense of connection, as well as affords you both an opportunity to express yourselves. Realizing as I say this, some like it to go deep, some people like you to hold back a little bit, and it's kinda fun to try on different sort of tips, whether or not you like a lip or the tongue, or get a sense of what your partner really likes. There are really limitless opportunities to explore all the ways in which your mouth and lips can be an important aspect of increasing your sexual repertoire.

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