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5 Facts about Male Sex Drive

Learn about the male sex drive from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video about the psychology of sex.


So watching this video, I’m sure you already know, when it comes to male sex drive it’s not something that stays static for all your life, when you’re in your pre-teens, or twenties, and I’m sure you remember sex was on your brain all the time. I fact you were probably getting hard all the time by just looking at an attractive women or having a sexual fantasy, and you could even masturbate several times a day and still readying up for more. But as you approach your 20 and 30s things start to slow down a little bit, and by the time you hit your 30s your testosterone starts to decrease. So first and foremost I would just want you to appreciate and love your body and your sexual experience at whatever age you are. Because each age has its own aspects to really enjoy. And to realize, yes there are changes that come with time, and how do you embrace them, because so it’s true as you get older your sex drive may get lower and you may not want sex every day, in act you may not even want it several times a week. Don’t panic, or think oh my God what does that mean am I normal? The reality is there’s life, as you grow older, there’s a lot more responsibility, a lot more stressors, and there’s decreased testosterone, all of which explain a decreased libido. So take that into consideration as well as your masturbation practice or style, because if you happen to notice that you don’t have as much libido or sex drive, then you want to make sure you make time for your partner so that each of you is having a satisfying experiencing. So just consider when you want to be having sex, whether or not it’s a partnered experience, or whether you are enjoying it on your own, knowing that as you age it may take days or into your 70s, at any ease it may take days before you are able to or want to have another sexual experience.

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