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Madonna-Whore Complex & Why Men Are Attracted to Bad Girls

Learn about the Madonna-Whore complex from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video about the psychology of sex and sexual attraction.


If you're one of the men who are attracted to "bad girls." The first thing I can say is, generally it's not that they're so bad. Typically it's often that they're confident, they're sexy, they're probably bold and adventurous. And there's really something about that energy that draws you toward. The one thing though is sometimes when you really like that sexy, confident woman who can be a lot of fun. There might be another part of you that can't imagine the kind of intimacy or long term commitment. And sometimes we call that the Madonna-Whore Conflict. Or when it's a pull toward separating both the adventure and the freedom you can feel with "the bad girl" and the responsibility and duty you feel with a long term partner. So I'm not sure whether or not you have a difficult time experiencing both intimacy and sexuality in one person, but it's fairly common. So if that's something that you're struggling with. The most important thing I can tell you, is exploration of how and why you're attracted to one and not the other. Or why you feel you have to keep them separate, is certainly something worthy of exploration, because at the end of the day it is a conscious choice. And if you're struggling to figure it out on your own, therapy or sex therapy, is a great place to start.

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