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6 Things to Know about Sex Toys

Learn about sex toys from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video about the psychology of sex.


What you want to know about sex toys is they come in all shapes and all sizes. But they can greatly enhance your pleasure with your partner. So don't be afraid to try new ones on because some of them vibrate some of them don't. Some of them are for penetration, some of them are just for external stimulation, some of them are for vaginal play, some of them are for anal. Some of them may be lubrications you want to experience or try. Really there is no, there limitless possibilities and there are incredible companies out there making wonderful products. So the best thing I can say is have a conversation with your partner about what kind of toys you might want to sort of initially experiment with and then do a little research. It can be online or there's some great stores that have amazing salespeople who are more than willing to tell you all about their products. I consider it try, try again because if you don't like one you can put it away for a while and then consider another toy or option. The only other caveat I would add here is if you're having a new partner and say it's hypothetically a vibrator, you might want to go out and buy something new together versus just introducing them to all the things you've already got in your sort of chest or you know, wardrobe. So the role here is to expand your menu and options and just realize that the possibilities are limitless.

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