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How to Send Sex Signals with Body Language

Learn about the sexual signals we send with our body language from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video about the psychology of sex.


So the thing that you need to recognize in asking this question about body language, is often the most communication is through our non-verbal behaviour. So one of the things you wanna look for in a potential partner or somebody to know whether or not they are attracted to you is are they open and expansive or do you find them sort of constricted or closed off; because that is really your first clue. And then notice what they do with eye contact. Are they somebody who is actively engaged, listening, wanting to know more or they are somebody who's sort of distracted and on their Blackberry or iPhone and really seems like they could care less. You really got to notice these sort of non-verbal cues, because they really give you a green light about whether or not you should go forward or whether or not you should really invest your energy in somebody who really is available. So recognize importantly that body language is often as telling if not more telling than somebody's verbal cues. Because sometimes someone's just really trying to be nice and they personally don't wanna offend you or be rude and so they may say something that's nice and pleasant. But you need to notice whether or not their words are consistant with their body language. Because if they are not, I think you need to recognize that their non-verbal cues are also a very clear and explicit message.

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