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How Can Drugs & Alcohol Affect Sexual Function?

Learn how drugs and alcohol can affect sexual function from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video.


So I imagine it's already obvious to you that, of course drugs and alcohol affect sexual function. The question is; does it make it better or does it make it worse? And the reality is even in a given substance; alcohol for example, it can do both. A little bit of alcohol is often social lubricant. It can help you feel more relaxed, and let go and you know, you don't have the same kind of inhibitions. And you are more likely to take a risk or be expressive. But its also true that too much alcohol could have a negative effect. Not only might it not be a turn on if you start to get sloppy but its also true that it effects sexual functioning. In terms of for men it can impact erections; for women amount of lubrication. And it may also delay ejaculation or orgasm. So the thing now that I'm gonna have you step back and recognize is whether its an illicit street drug or its a prescription drug, you really wanna do your own research and know your own self as expert to realize; is this something that's gonna promote my sexual well being and my sex experience or is this gonna be a distraction or take away from an optimal experience; and realize that you have choices. And if its a prescription drug certainly talk to provider because sometime they can make changes or substitutions, so that ultimately you can get the best symptom relief with the least sexual side effect.

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