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How to Safeguard Mental Health If You're Single & Having Sex

Learn how to safeguard your mental health if you are single and having sex from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video.


So when you're single there are going to be a lot of opportunities to have sex. Some you're gonna want to take advantage of and some that you're gonna wanna decline. I think it's important that you know yourself and what's the kind of experience that you're interested in having. Because if ultimately you just enjoy sex for the pleasure that you feel in your own body, and can feel with another person, I think that's fabulous. At the same time if you're imagining and picturing by having sex, that this is gonna lead to them liking you more, or leading to a relationship. You might really be setting yourself up for disappointment. You really should only pursue and be interested in a sexual experience, if that's the last experience that you'd ever had with this person, you would still really feel good about yourself and the fact that you made that choice. I would also highlight that you really need to take care of your own sexual health by practicing safe sex. And it can be, perhaps a frustration, or annoyance to think about going to get a condom or, you know, interrupting the flow to keep yourself safe. But ultimately you're responsible that you don't contract any STD's, or that you don't get anyone pregnant, or get pregnant. And so, know matter what, make sure that you don't let anybody talk you out of taking care of your own mental and physical well being.

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