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What Happens in a Sex Therapy Session?

Learn what happens in a sex therapy session from sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming in this Howcast video.


The thing that you need to realize is that sex therapy is a talk therapy. There will be no disrobing; there will be no exercises that you'll be doing in the session. But it is often true that we do give exercises that you will be doing at home or with your partner. So sex therapy is an opportunity where you start off by just talking about what brought you there. What is the frustration, what is the difficulty that you are having, and from there we track the history. When did that begin, is it something that happens all the time. We try to access whether or not it's something that is happening right now with this particular partner or is it happening globally and across the board meaning it's impacting your experience with self-stimulation as well as with partnered experiences. From there we get a better sense of what are the factors that might be contributing to this difficulty and common ones can be anxiety about it going well or pleasing one's partner and occasionally it might be about deeper issues. It could be related to concerns or fears about intimacy or history of trauma or abuse. A therapist is somebody who has practical strategies and skills for you to be focusing on. So you will leave with a sense of the road map, what it's gonna look like, how you're gonna get to where you want to go, and what up until now may be blocking you from having the experiences that you truly desire. I can tell you that my clients almost always leave with a sense of relief and exhalation just realizing this is a safe place to talk about their sexual health concerns and knowing that not only are they not alone in it but that there is actually a path to get back on track.

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