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How to Understand Sex with Dr. Megan Fleming

Learn about sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming, one of Howcast's experts in sexual psychology, in this video.


Hi, I'm Dr. Megan Fleming, and I'm a clinical psychologist and certified sex and relationship therapist here in New York City. I've been practicing for the past fifteen years in private practice, and I'm also a clinical instructor of psychology and psychiatry at Wilde Cornell Medical College of New York Presbyterian Hospital. I'm also a frequent contributor in the media, both in print and on TV, for expert advice on sex and relationships. I am thrilled to be doing this series with Howcast on sexual health, because I'm passionate about helping both men and women identify whatever blocks are getting in their way to having the best life and the sex that they want and desire . I speak to this not only from my experience as an educated clinician, but also as a mother of two and a wife married twelve years. So it's both my personal and professional experience that helps me not only just talk the talk, but walk the walk in my own life, and to ultimately help you create the change that you desire, quickly and skillfully. I hope that you'll want to connect with me, and look forward to seeing you on my website, " where you can sign up for my newsletter to learn about more helpful tips and the services that I provide.

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