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How to Make a Bottle Cap Shaker out of a Wooden Dowel

Learn how to make a bottle cap shaker out of a wooden dowel in this Howcast video featuring Music Moves Me.


Today we are discussing how to make instruments from household items. Shake it out! The first thing we are going to make today is a bottle-cap shaker. What I did was I decorated mine with some purple construction paper, some yellow polka dots, some yellow construction paper, a little pink, and made it really pretty.

What you will need:

A wooden dowel
1 large nail
3 smaller nails
6 bottle caps
1 hammer

What we are going to do is start out with a bottle cap and the large nail. We are going to take the hammer and drill a hole inside the bottle cap; like so. We are going to do the same thing with all of the bottle caps. Then we are going to take the wooden dowel--once we have the holes in all of the bottle caps--and we're going to take two bottle caps and we are going to put them together. They sound like little castanets. I like that.

Now we are going to put the nail inside the holes that we've made, and put a hole inside of the dowel. What you are going to do is put holes on every side: 1-2-3. You're going to have 6 bottle caps on 3 sides, and it's going to sound awesome! That is how you make a bottle cap shaker out of a wooden dowel and some bottle caps.

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