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How to Make an Oboe out of a Drinking Straw

Learn how to make an oboe out of a drinking straw in this Howcast video with Music Moves Me.


Aly Sunshine: We're going to make an oboe straw. So what you will need is you will need straws. You can get different size straws if you want. I got some bubble tea straws and some smaller straws. And you can play around with which ones work best for you. And then you're going to need a pair of scissors. Not much required.

So the first thing you're going to do is you're going to take the straw, and you are flatten the straw out on the end. Flatten it as much as you can. You're not going to get it perfectly flat, but you'll get it flat enough. And then take the scissors, and you are going to cut each side of the straw into a point like a triangle. You're going to flatten that out as well once you get your point. And then on the same side as you have a point, you're going to take your scissors and punch a hole on the side on the front of the straw.

So you might want to do that with the scissors. I got it through the scissors. Maybe get a pin to secure it. Make it rounder. So you can add many different holes down the tube if you want. I am going to call up my good friend Johnny Wheels from the Funkytown Playground Band to get up and help me play this oboe straw. Johnny. Hey, Johnny Wheels.

Johnny Wheels: Hey, Allie Sunshine. Okay. So this is what you do. Cover up the holes with your finger, and you're going to blow into the little mouthpiece that you made. And you pinch it. Sometimes it's a little tricky. So experiment with where you pinch your mouthpiece, and blow.

Aly: And that's how you make an oboe out of a straw.

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