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How to Make a Rain Stick out of a Wrapping Paper Tube

Learn how to make a rain stick out of a wrapping paper tube in this Howcast video with Music Moves Me.


Abby: We are discussing how to make instruments with things around the house. Today we are going to be making a wrapping paper rain stick.

What you'll need is you'll need a wrapping paper tube or you can even use a paper towel tube. And you'll need some balloons and some rice and beans or popcorn or anything that makes a sound.

So step one. We're going to take the tube. I chose to use a wrapping paper tube because I though it was super pretty and they're already decorated. This one has balloons on it. I love balloons. So step one. We're going to take aluminum foil and we're going to take the aluminum foil and we are going to use it as wide as the length of the stick. Yeah, like so. Then we're going to take the tin foil and we're going to crumple it up in our hands so it fits easily inside of the tube. We're going to take the foil and put it inside of the tube. Put it all the way in.

Then to secure each side, we're going to get a balloon. If you want you can cut the end of the balloon off. Otherwise it's going to be hanging. But either way works fine. I'm going to cut this off and put the balloon on either side of the tube. So it's nice and secure. If you get the right size balloon, it should stay.

Next you want to fill up the tube. So I have some lentils. You can use some rice, beans, macaroni, popcorn. You could even use some straws or metal. Anything that you think sounds good. So you're going to fill it up with whatever it is that you want to fill it up with. And when you're done filling it up, then you are going to take the other side and put the balloon on the other side to secure it. So like so. Put the balloon on.

And now we have ourselves a rain stick. And I'm going to call my friend Johnny up. Sing a little song about the rain.

Johnny: Hello everybody.

Abby: Hey Johnny Wheels.

Johnny: Hey Abby Sunshine.

Abby: [singing] It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring.

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