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How to Cut Out & Decorate a Spin Drum

Learn how make a spin drum in the first video of a two-part Howcast series with Music Moves Me.


We're making instruments with household items. We're going to make a
homemade spin drum. This is one of my favorite instruments. I use this
a lot in my classes around the Chinese New Year.

So what you'll need is you will need one Pringles container, a scissor,
a dowel, two jingle bells, a hole puncher, and some yarn. Let's get

Okay, we're going to take the Pringles container and we are going to cut
a hole in it, like so. Then we're going to take our scissors and we're
going to circle all the way around the Pringles container in a circle. All the way around. Of course, it doesn't have to be Pringles if you have a tube that looks like this.

So we have our circle. Okay, so once we cut out our circle, we are
going to decorate our circle with construction paper, stickers, or
glitter whatever you want. So now we have this part of the spin drum.

Next, we're going to take our circle and we are going to punch a hole in
it. I've already punched one hole, a big hole, and we're going to take
our dowel and we're going to thread it through. You might want to take
some glue and put it at the end of the dowel as well just to make sure
it's secured in place, like so.

Next we're going to take our hole puncher and we're going to place holes
on both sides of the circle. There's one. And we're going to do the
other side. We're going to use this to string our bells through. So on
one side, and then on the other side.

Okay, and that completes step one of how we're going to make a spin

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