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How to Cut & Decorate a Guitar Made from a Cardboard Box

Learn how to make a guitar from a cardboard box in the first video of a two-part Howcast series with Music Moves Me.


Today we are talking about how to make instruments with household items.

Sounds like a scary monster. We're going to make a fast guitar. This is one of my favorites.

What you'll need is a cardboard box. Any size. A shoe box will do. A bigger box. A tissue box. It's up to you. The sturdier the box usually the better the sound.

You will need a pair of scissors. Four rubber bands. Different lengths and sizes are great too. You'll need a couple of pencils and you will also need this is optional if you want to use a paper towel roll for the top of the guitar.

And now what we're going to do is we're going to take our scissors and we are going to punch a hole in all four corners in the square. You can do a circle if you'd like but I chose to do a square. It really doesn't matter. And we're just going to go ahead and cut a hole out of it.

So, step two. Once you have the hole in your box you're going to decorate it. I decorated mine with my Funky Town posters. My band. Funky Town Playground. That’s the poster for our album.

But you can also use construction paper, and you can use a paper towel and make it like super cool stickers. Make it fun. Glittery guitars, whatever you want. The more fun, the more creative the better.

So, that's part one and for part two we'll teach you how to string the guitar.

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