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How to Add Strings to a Bass Made from a Soda Bottle

Learn how to make a bass from a soda bottle in the second video of a two-part Howcast series with Music Moves Me.


I'm Allie Sunshine. This is part two on 'How to Make a Vase Out of a Soda Bottle'. Now that we have the body of the vase constructed we are going to get our rubber bands out and cut the rubber bands in half. We're going to tie them together. We're going to take one of the rubber bands and we're going to thread the macaroni through it like so. And we're going to tie a knot.

That's going sit with the ends of the soda bottle to secure the rubber bands. Then we are going to attach a couple of rubber bands to each other so we have a nice long string to run down the vase. Like so. We're going to put the rubber bands together. We're going to pull the string through. Then we're going to take the popsicle stick and we're going to attach it to the rubber bands.

This is going to make the base sound tighter or lower in pitch. And we're going to put it back through the hole and we're going to thread it through. Here's what it sounds like. You can stretch the rubber bands to make noises. The tighter you hold the rubber bands the basier the sound. I like to sing 'Take Me Out to The Ballgame' with my vase bottle.

Johnny. Or I should say 'Johnnie'. Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the crowd.

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