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How to Make a Xylophone from Water Glasses

Learn how to make a xylophone from water glasses in this Howcast video with Music Move Me.


Today, we're making instruments from household items.

Today, we're going to make a xylophone out of glass cups. What you'll need: you'll need four or five or six glass cups, a spoon, some water . . . I've got a little planter water. And to make things fun, some food coloring.

So what we're going to do is we're going to take the food coloring and we're going to put it in . . . a dot in each one. To make things fun, we're going to do it in some different sizes. I'm going to put a little bit in this one, and then I'm going to try different colors. Especially for the kids; I think they'll really enjoy the different colors. Of course, make sure you do it so that you don't make a mess. I'm going to fill this one a little bit more up. And so . . .

Okay, doesn't that look pretty? I like it.

So that's our basic glass xylophone. Try using different size cups to make different sounds. You can try bigger cups and smaller cups, since they're going to make different noises.

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