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How to Make Shakers from Food Containers

Learn how to make shakers out of containers in this Howcast video with Music Moves Me.


We're discussing how to make household items into musical instruments. Today we're going to make some container shakers.

This is one of my favorites because it's super easy, it's fun and your kids will love it and they get a chance to look what's inside your cabinets and see what you can make into a musical instrument. So what you're going to need is, you're going to need anything around the house that's food that might make a shaking sound. So some beans. I have some lentils. I have some rice. You can also use popcorn, macaroni, anything that makes a sound. Then you're going to need different size of shakers so I got a soup container here, I have a tin can and an old glass jar.

So step one is to decorate your shaker. Don't forget to get creative. You can get stickers and some construction paper. You could all pretty glitter, whatever you want. And then step two is to experiment with different sounds. So, you know, you might want to take one piece of bean. One popping sound. You might want to add a few more. Add a little lentils. Sounds good. Little bit of rice. You could experience with what sound's what.

So this is a plastic container. Let's see what it sounds like with a tin container. It's probably going to have a different sound. Yeah, it does. And you can also use straws. In this one I used some cool beads. Different colors, it's colorful. I even put some string in it to kind of trap the sounds a little bit and that's really easy to do. Just put two holes on either side of the container and put the string through and put some knots on each end. So this is how we make a container shaker. Take a plastic jar, wrap her in some paper, fill with rice and beans, you got yourself a shaker. Yeah.

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