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How to Make Maracas out of Egg Cartons

Learn how to make maracas out of egg cartons in this Howcast video with Music Moves Me.


Today we're making egg shaker maracas. What you'll need is one egg carton, some rice, beans, or lentils, or anything that makes sounds, a pair of scissors, some tape, and paint is optional if you'd like to decorate.

Step one. Take out your egg carton and we're not going to need the top half of the egg carton so we're going to open it up and we're going to cut off or pull off the top. Now we have the bottom of the egg carton.

We're going to take the pair of scissors and we're going to cut one piece of the whole egg carton off, so you're going to actually have two, the top and the bottom. Once you have that you're going to fill it up with some lentils, some rice. Different things make different sounds so be sure to experiment with them.

You put it together like so. Some might fall out. You're going to need to take a piece of tape, you might need some really secure, strong tape, or glue would work as well. So we're going to take it and put it in your hand and tape it together or glue it together if you want. Make sure it's secure.

And then we're going to get ready to jam, jam, jam. Beans and rice, sure sounds nice. Beans and rice, sure sounds nice.

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