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How to Make an Everyday Drum Set for Kids

Learn how to make an everyday drum set for kids in this Howcast video with Music Moves Me.


Today, I'm going to show you that you can make anything in your house into a musical instrument. All you need is your imagination, a little creativity and go round your closet in the kitchen and look, what you have at home in junk can be musical.

Actually we start with our hands right, our hands are musical. I have a pot here, the tops of the pot, I have Tupperware, aluminum containers, glass, Tupperware, I have some bottle caps different sizes, some clothes pins, hole punchers, tin can, pencils, cheese grater, can opener, all sorts of fun stuff and we're going to jam with these instruments. Donnie, come on up and jam with me. We have a song on our record called jam together, check it out, Funky Town Playground.

One, two, three, so much fun. And that's how you can make household items into musical instruments.

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