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How to Resist Mind Control & Brainwashing

Learn how to resist mind control and brainwashing from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


When it comes to brainwashing and mind control, your best resource is really censoring the information that you subject yourself to. Every time you turn on the television, every time you open a book, every time you are out and about your unconscious mind is being flooded with information that is intended to control your mind and to brai wash you. Your best resource is being very selective about the information that you take in. Because you understand that your unconscious mind which is your decision maker is taking in all of that information and just agreeing with it. For me I am personally a big fan of hypnosis. And the reason why I like to use hypnosis because that's my way of controlling the information that my unconscious mind receives on a daily basis. So that when I do watch television, or I do go outside into the world, I am aware that all this information is vying for my unconscious attention but because I train my mind the way I do it's not going to affect me.

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