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How Women Can Improve Their Communication Skills

Find out how women can improve communication skills from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


When it comes to communication as women our brains are hard-wired to communicate. You know just how men need sex to function women need communication to function. We like to talk about our thoughts and our feelings and we like to process them. We are okay just kind of sitting in the middle of something and not taking any action. So the best thing that you can do as a woman when you are communicating is to become more solution oriented. I always recommend a three part sentence and it goes something like this. You say what the behaviour was or what the action was; what your feeling was that's a two part sentence -- when you did this I felt this. And then you should focus on the solution. Most women spend too much time in the emotion and they never get to the solution which leads to lasting resentments and longing frustrations.

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