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How to Improve Your Small Talk

Find out how to improve your small talk from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Personally I am not a fan of small talk, I enjoy big talk. I enjoy talking about purpose, I enjoy having meaningful conversations that really gets to the heart of the matter quickly. So that being said I encourage you to consider that big talk is much better for you than small talk. And I'll take it one step further; you have to be a strategic communicator. If you are thinking small talk or if you are thinking big talk, you still have to be thinking about the goal of your conversation. When you go to a party, when you go to networking events you have one opportunity to tell that person who you are and you have one opportunity to plant the seeds that you want that person to be thinking about you, what they want to connect you with. So prepare before you go out anywhere. If you are single I want you to be asking every single person that you meet if they are in relationship: Oh, hi, I am Stephanie, nice to meet you; are you single? No I'm engaged to the greatest guy. Let that person ask me if they are single. Wonderful, does he have any friends? That's the way to go to from small talk to big talk because if you are asking the right question and my fiance has friends that are single for you than what started out with small talk could lead you to a walk down the aisle. If you are at a business function small talk is talking about a job or business opportunity; big talk is asking that person if they have the connections that you need and following up with them. Small talk to big talk goes from a networking event to the job of your dreams.

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