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How to Develop Charisma

Learn how to develop charisma from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Charisma is that intangible energy, that makes somebody really attractive. And when I use the word attractive, I mean the ability to hold what they want towards them; whether its people, opportunities, experiences. The person who has charisma, has a purpose. They wake up in the morning and they are exited about their life. They know who they are, they know what they want and they know why they want it. And they have a focus about them that becomes contagious and its something that we could all really look at, admire and aspire to. So behind every charismatic person, is a really solid life purpose. This is a person who has thought about who they are, who has thought about what they want, who knows the actions that they need to take to get there and do not let anything stop them. I do not think charisma is something that you could fake it until you make it. But I do think that as soon as you put yourself on that path by defaults, you start to become more charismatic. The truth is we all works n progress. Even the most charismatic person is working on their next dream or their next vision or their next goal. So to become more charismatic you just have to put yourself on the path. You can't fake it. Because we all feel the truth. We know the difference between a person who's genuine and a person who's trying to be genuine. We could feel that. And right now the world is really craving real genuine people. The other thing about a charismatic person is that they want to share. They are so passionate about life and they are so passionate about purpose, that they can't help but share, when you are in their company. The best person to follow is a person who has already achieved the goal that you are looking to achieve. And so when you are in the company of a charismatic person and you feel that they are on that path and they are willing to share their tips or their tools or their tricks, you naturally want to learn from them and you naturally gravitate towards them. So it becomes a win win partnership.

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