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How to Be Outgoing

Learn how to be outgoing from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


We all fall somewhere along the introversion, extroversion spectrum. Being outgoing would be along the lines of being more of a extrovert. I personally believe that every situation is different and every circumstance is different, but I do think that knowing how to be outgoing can benefit you in your personal and professional relationships. To be outgoing means that you need to find it first and foremost for you. It can't be somebody else' version of outgoing. It needs to be yours and I encourage you to be outgoing in a strategic way. Meaning that putting yourself in an environments where you are interested, so that you do feel comfortable and confident. Really knowing what your unique gifts and strengths are and being in a environment where you can celebrate those and speak about those, and connect with other people in that way. You know being outgoing does not mean that you need to be the life of that party. Being outgoing means that you need to get yourself to the party and understand your reason for being at that party in the first place. Are you looking to make a connection for work? Are you looking to make a romantic connection? And then preparing for that. What types of questions are you going to ask the people that are in this party with you. That are going to lead you to the answers that you want. So being outgoing is not about being the center of attention, being outgoing is about being centered in your self and putting yourself in environments that will support you in achieving your goals.

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