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How to Smile

Learn how to smile from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Smiling is about really coming from your heart. You know for me my family would be very happy that all of the money that they invested in me having such good teeth was put to good use, because as a generally happy person I love to smile. And if I’m not generally happy about something I don’t, and that’s where we go wrong. When you smile you need to smile from your heart. People need to see it in your eyes. You know body language experts will tell you that certain things happen with your face. As a coach I’m going to tell you, that people feel when you are being genuine or when you are being fake. If you are genuinely happy about something a smile will genuinely happen. If you are faking a smile you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. It’s much better to be honest and up front than to fake something. Again, we live in a world where people are craving real. They don’t want fake, they don’t want you to smile because you feel like that’s what you have to do. You should smile because it makes you feel better, gets all the endorphins going, and it will make a chain reaction. If you notice and I would just encourage you to give this a try. Smile, because first you’re going to shock the person. I actually tried it on the subway this morning, I was just smiling randomly and people were looking at me randomly like who is this crazy girl. Why is she smiling on a subway so early in the morning on a rainy yucky day? So first you’ll surprise them, but then they can’t help but smile back. I assure you all the smile I got back this morning were very genuine, and it created a nice warm connection, and I got off the subway smiling and I just think that it’s a feel good thing to do. So why not give it a try. To work up a smile I would want you to stop and take a deep breath, I want you to inhale for a count of four and as you’re inhaling I want your stomach to extend out. When you’re exhaling I want you to push your stomach back towards your belly button. I want you to do that for four times so that you are oxygenating all of yourselves, and so that you are more focused, and more centered and in the moment.

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