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How to Stop Excessive Worrying

Learn how to stop worrying so much from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Worrying is really a waste of energy. It's very unproductive, because what we're doing is spending our time thinking about all of the what ifs, all of the things that could happen. Now, worriers sometimes make for great company because we're usually prepared for worst case scenarios.

Something that really helped me to stop worrying was actually experiencing something that terrified me. For me, I've always been worried that I would get stuck in an elevator. And about two weeks ago coming home I got stuck in an elevator, and usually somebody who's prepared with water, books, and anti-anxiety pills, and everything else, I was stuck in an elevator. My cell phone was dead. I had nothing to do. And the super was not able to hear me.

In a situation like that I had to laugh. Because it was something I wasted probably days of my life thinking about, oh my goodness what if I get stuck in an elevator, what if I can't get out, what if the elevator drops.

What that experience taught me is that worrying is just such a waste of life force energy. Like I said, I gave up days of my life worrying about what would happen if I got stuck. And I got stuck, and firemen came to rescue me. And I'm still here today to talk about it. Which just means that as a worrier we have to give ourselves permission to be prepared. Whether that means for me now going into an elevator with a bottle of water, with reading material, making sure I have a cell phone that's charged.

That's only one level. But the other level of knowing is that most of the times the worst case scenario is that you're going to be fine and you'll have a really great story to share as a result.

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