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How to Be Less Envious

Find out how to be less envious from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Well, I know that they say that envy is one of the deadly sins. You know personally I just think envy is energy like everything else. We like to say envy is a negative energy. A negative really just speaks to the direction that, that energy moves. So envy is definitely a heavier downward moving emotion. It tends to get us stuck. But like all emotions we can channel it constructively. Envy is the ability to look at somebody else and want what they have. So why not look at somebody else, celebrate that they wants, what they have and bring the focus back to you. Let's say somebody is with a person that you want. Its usually not that person, its the role that that person plays in your life. So if you are seeing somebody and you are envious because they are happy in a relationship, then really look at what that relationship is all about. Are you envious because they have a level of financial success, are you envious because they have a level of romance. Instead of focusing on the person, think about how you could bring those qualities into your own life experience. Mind your business instead of the other person's business. And actually think about using that person as an inspiration. If they got to where you want to go, then allow them to teach you how to go where you want to go. Use them as a role model instead of an object of your complete focus and attention.

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