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How to Become Your Own Life Coach

Learn how to become your own life coach from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


When your working with a coach there's a level of accountability its a success partnership you know what you put into it is what you will get out of it. So the first thing that you need to do as your own life coach is to create a level of accountability. The next thing you need to do as your own life coach is to focus on positive movement forward. You know what are the main differences in coaching and let's say therapy, is that therapy is really focus on the past. Its what happens to you that got you to this point where coaching is very progressive its saying okay this is where you are where do you need to go. So being your own coach requires that you know where you are starting. No different when you are at a mall or an amusement park and you are looking at the map and its says you are here. You need to know where you are and you then need to know your destination and as your own life coach you need to understand what that path is going to entail. You need to break it down into small and meaningful steps. You need to have milestones along the way that help you know that you are closer and closer to reaching your goal, and you need to have a level of, of clarity, but to me no matter what the best coaches have coaches. You know I don't believe that any journey happens alone. So I think that even though its important that you know how to be your own life coach that you are open to collaborating because there's something to be said about two people or more people being focus on your goal. there is something about having that additional level of positive energy that helps you build a natural momentum. I can speak personally and say that I work with a life coach for that reason.

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