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How to Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Learn how to go outside your comfort zone from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


I think the first thing to understand about our comfort zone is that life happens outside of our comfort zone you know our comfort zone is that little box that we live within and there's the whole big life waiting beyond our comfort zone . I am a big believer that small consistency changes over a period of time leads to lasting results , So if your comfort zone is staying in and your goal would be to get out more , start in a way that is comfortable with you as possible . When you leave your comfort zone you have to be prepared that the unexpected is going to happen . That's the gift of leaving your comfort zone . When your in your comfort zone , your get the your security, you know what to expect , you get to maintain what's happening in those four metaphorical walls as soon as you go outside the comfort zone, that's the gift of going outside your comfort zone that you don't know what's going to happen . Now you all have choice, are you going to let those unexpected things , say, I was right I should have never left my comfort zone in the first place or are you going to let those experiences help you to build confidence. The goal is to keep expanding the comfort zone and not only happens as a result of going beyond your comfort zone and getting practice . There is nothing bad about your comfort zone. It should be a safe place that you returned back to but I believe that there is something wrong by staying there . A lot of life misses you by, a lot of opportunities miss you by , a lot of amazing connections can miss you by.

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