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How to Be More Patient

Learn how to be more patient from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


I really find the concept of patience funny because we live in such a fast-paced society where we always on to go and and we don't have a a dynamic that supports us in being patient. So being patient insinuates that you are waiting for something or you are wanting something, so to start at the beginning its its what you need to be patient about, why are you waiting for. Once you know why are you waiting for then I encourage you to take every action possible to bring it about because there is something about movement that makes us feel like we are moving towards something. But patience is a really important character trait to develop because a lot of great things happen in a process of waiting. You know when you are waiting for something that's pure potential, that's pure creative energy, that your time to shape and mold the experience is that you want. That's the time to let miracles into your life and synchronicity to unfold. You know there is something about enjoying the process. People who are impatient have no tolerance for the journey. Life is all about the journey, achieving your goals is all about the journey. People who are rushing to the end point usually finds themselves very unsatisfied because the the richness and rewards happen along the journey. There is no need to rush even though our world tells us that we need to always be on, that everything is fast-paced that the reality is that it is all about the journey and if you are impatient you are totally missing out on the journey, you are missing out on what the best of life has to offer.

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