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How to Become More Tolerant

Learn how to become more tolerant from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Tolerance is a really major piece in all of our puzzles. And I think that life gives us a tremendous opportunity to work on becoming more tolerant. Ultimately, we are in no place to judge, and that’s just the bottom line. Nobody is in a place to judge us, and we’re not in a place to judge them. Every person has a history. Every person has their challenges. And life is the playground where we all get to work it out. I’m a big believer that what we don’t like in other people is actually information about ourselves, that we could use our intolerance as a way to heal our own prejudice, our own fears, our own insecurities. If I look out into the world and I see somebody or something that scares me then I believe metaphorically that person is representing a part of me that needs to be healed or transformed. So I personally use my intolerance as a way that I could get really truthful with myself and start to heal some of my blind spots. You know, if we’re focusing on whether it's race, or religion, or sexuality, or political preference, you know, whatever it is, or just I think that it’s interesting, you know, working with as many people as I have the things that they are intolerant about are so much more personal. They’re not usually on those big scale items. They’re more about the way that a person gossips, or the way that a person rejects them, or the way that somebody doesn’t keep their word. They’re a lot smaller and they really relate to a point of reference. So the gift is that you could use that mirror to help you heal yourself, instead of taking that mirror for face value and judging the other person, and isolating the other person, because it’s so difficult to look at ourselves.

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