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How to Become More Courageous

Learn how to become more courageous from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Well I know when we all think of courage I specially think of the Lion in the visit of us because that journey really shows us that we have what we need within us and that is just the matter of realizing it or remembering it. You know I think that our fears are are most loyal companions they either stands next us throughout life and govern all our choices or they become motivations for us to move forward. I think that there are fears that are realistic and I think that there are fears that are fantasies created by our minds to keep us back. We all have a healthy defense system and not wants to keep us safe, that wants to keep us sane and that wants to keep us secure. So it helps us that the world is something to be feared that people are something to be feared that situation are something to be feared but the reality is that most of what we fear we have already experienced or we will never experienced. So fear is really falling into that category of unproductive wasted energy. If you have a fear find it manageable way to overcome it, do not put yourself or anybody else in any type of danger were in harms way but realize that what you fear you most likely have already experienced and or will never experienced. I am also a big fan of of using our fears as manifest to help us transform all pains and alters odd ones.

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