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How to Gain Wisdom

Learn how to gain wisdom from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


I think that wisdom is something that comes from within. I am a big believer that we all have wisdom and as a coach I really encourage my clients to remember that they have all of their answers. You know as a coach we are in this unique position where people are coming to us to create a success partnership. And there are some people who use that power differential to create a dependency. That the client relies on the coach for their answers, and I’m of the personal belief that the best teachers really enforce this ideal that the wisdom is within and it is our job to draw it out, which is actually the meaning of education. When you’re educating somebody you’re not stuffing information in and asking somebody to regurgitate it, you’re taking what’s there and you’re really drawing it out. So as a coach I feel like it’s my personal responsibility to help my clients remember that they have the wisdom, they have their answers. That I’m going to observe, that I’m going to listen, that I’m going to play back to them what is coming out of them so that I could support them in making really important connections. So wisdom is about slowing down and really allowing what’s in there to come out. I think journaling is one way to acquire wisdom; it allows you to process your inner thoughts and feelings. I think another way is to meditate, because that also allows you to just get in touch with the emotional and mental aspects of yourself. But beyond that, wisdom needs to be integrated. It’s not enough to know something; you need to know that you know it. So wisdom is about taking the information from within and then intergrating it as an experience. So once somebody is speaking from a place of wisdom they are speaking from something that they know to be true based on their experience. There’s a tremendous difference between information and wisdom. There’s a lot of information out there that is readily accessible to all of us in the forms of books and the web. There’s just so many ways to get information. We’re an information hungry world. But there’s no information that actually substitutes the power of going within and trusting your instincts and letting that power come forward.

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