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How to Make Your Life More Meaningful

Learn how to make your life more meaningful from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


The best way to make your life more meaningful is to understand that, if you are here, you have a purpose for being here and it is your responsibility to live your purpose to the fullest. You know, some people have a purpose and their lives look more meaningful because they’ve accomplished a lot in the public eye, but the truth is that, every single person is important, every life has a reason and life becomes exciting when you begin to think about the possibilities that await for you. The great thing about life is that you can’t do your life wrong and so it’s a combination of really listening to your intuition and just seeing who or what you naturally gravitate towards and allowing your life to unfold accordingly. I think the best way to find what is meaningful, is to find what is difficult for you. You know, when we follow that thread, we typically find a lot about what is best for us. I’m a big believer that you have to start with what is difficult. You know, it’s easy to stay in that easy place, but it’s more meaningful when you go towards what is difficult and watch as you come out through it on the other side.

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