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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Find out how to stop sabotaging yourself from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Sabotage is a way of protecting ourselves from something that we perceive as dangerous or something that we fear, So we intentionally or unintentionally prevent something from happening. And when it comes to sabotage you know there are reasons why we do the things that we do even if they're dysfunctional, even if they don't work; there is a method behind the madness when it comes to our defense mechanism. And our defense mechanisms are complicated; you know sabotage on the surface looks a lot worse than it is; it's like that monster in a closet that used to frighten us -- open the door you know it was a a t-shirt or crumpled something on the floor. You know the thought of sabotage is actually much worse than what sabotage is. I know for myself personally I'm very aware of the part of me that sabotages me and when that part comes up I feel like I think in a very specific way and I act in a very specific way and what I learned is that when those thoughts and feelings and reactions start coming up and I know I'm about to sabotage something really big I actually use it as motivation to push me forward. I say ok, sabotage is here which means that you are right on the brink of growth spot, I turn it into a positive and I challenge myself to go through with that. I mean my sabotage says you know you could die and than you start able to say you know what I died giving it my all, so you have to kind o look at that worst case scenario and the reason why I'm saying that is because it is an emotional attack not a physical attack but that's how powerful our you know sabotage can be.

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