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How to Start Believing in Yourself

Learn how to believe in yourself from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


I think unfortunately for most people, it takes a really big challenge or trauma or tragedy to help them realize how incredibly strong and resilient they've been all along. You know, unfortunately we are socialised to not believe in ourselves, we are trained not to believe in our unique gifts, in our strengths or in our individuality. You know we are indoctrinated into a society that asks us to conform and to be like everybody else and to think like everybody else. And we are ridiculed or we are ostracized when we think differently or when we act differently. So its, its really, always goes back to being true to yourself. You don't need something bad to happen to start being with yourself. But you know the greatest minds and the greatest people; the people that we respect, the people that we admire, the people who have made our world a better place to be; all have one thing in common. And that's that they believed in themselves when nobody else did. I think that believing in yourself in the face of adversity is necessary. I think that you have to be in it with yourself. You know there is a lot of mind chatter out there and there is a lot of people who put limitations on us. And some even out of love. You know they want to protect us and so they keep us really small. And at some point we have to make the decision that we are going to step into our greatness. And that we are not going to allow ourselves to be limited by the limitations that other people place on us.

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