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How to Unlock the Power of Positive Affirmations

Learn how to unlock the power of positive affirmations from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Affirmations are positive statements that you tell yourself, to really keep it simple. Me, personally I am not a fan affirmations, I do not encourage clients to use affirmations, because they really work on the conscience level of your minds. What I do encourage my clients to do is to take action. You can sit in the mirror all day long and tell yourself that you have a beautiful body, "I have a beautiful body, I have a beautiful body."

But if your overweight, and you're not eating well, and you're not exercising, and you're not sleeping, and you're not following up with your doctors or you know just general visits, telling yourself that you have a beautiful body is not going to translate to you experiencing yourself having a beautiful body and that's my problem with affirmations. They actually are statements that in my opinion psych yourself out,because they don't stress the importance of action.

Now to unlock the power of positive affirmations, you need to match them with an action, so telling yourself you have a beautiful body while you're working out, will help you get that beautiful body. Telling yourself that you have a beautiful body while you're eating a healthy meal, is going to translate to you having a better body. Getting in the car and going to see the doctor for a checkup, and you telling yourself all the way there that you have a healthy beautiful body that you love living in is going to work.

Affirmations alone do not work, affirmations with action do work, but we're still looking at the challenge that affirmation only deals with your conscience minds. Your unconscious mind is the decision-maker, so instead of recommending affirmations to my clients, I use and I recommended hypnosis, because hypnosis is actually able to make suggestions to your unconscious minds, and your unconscious minds, and your unconscious minds will integrate them and then you'll be able to act on them.

The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that there's hypnosis for everything that you can be affirming, to the way that you look, to the success that you achieve in your life, to the abundance that you create, and to the quality of your relationships. Just how there's a affirmation for everything, there is a hypnosis, you know, CD, or tape for everything, so I encourage my clients to partner positive affirmations with action, and then I also encourage them to support that by listening to hypnosis or subliminal programming that bypasses the conscience mind, and implants suggestions, or makes suggestions in the unconscious mind where we are open to receiving that information.

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