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How to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

Learn how to discover the power of positive thinking from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Positive thinking has always been around, but it has become more and more popular as documentaries like The Secret have become mainstream. Positive thinking is exactly what it sounds like. It's taking a thought and making it positive. The benefits of positive thinking are that like attracts like, but no different than an affirmation. Which is the ultimate positive thought. You need to match a positive thought with a positive action. Positive thinking alone will not really do anything for you. Positive thinking with action will help you create that momentum you need to move towards your dreams, and your goals, and your visions. I think it is unrealistic to say, "Oh just think positive." I think that people who are all about positive thinking have that same kind of annoying quality to them because not everything is positive, and you can't put a positive spin on everything. If somebody you love passes away it's like, "Oh, just think positive." Well, that's not realistic. If you've gone through a health crisis, "Oh, just think positive." Positive thinking could only take you so far. It's not realistic and it's not an expectation we should put on ourselves, to be positive thinking all of the time. I say that the universe knows the difference between positive thinking and processing something. If I'm going to get down and dirty with my emotions, I will be rewarded because I will have moved through something. You can't think your way to feeling better. You literally have to feel it to heal it. You have to go through the emotional states. And sometimes those emotional states are lower frequency or negative. But, if you go up there's light, and if you go down, there's light. So, my problem with positive thinking is that it insinuates that a negative thought is bad, and that's not true. A thought is energy and indulging in any type of energy is what you have to watch out for. It's just as easy to think a positive thought as it is to think a negative thought, but you also have to keep it real. You have to be true to yourself and realistic about your emotional process.

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